Sundog started in 2011 when founder Julie Czech began buying and selling antiques in rural Colorado with her daughter, Toby.


Four years ago, Julie rented a booth in an antiques gallery in Salida, Colorado as a way to make ends meet. Since then, Julie has expanded her business, opening the Etsy store WesternWhere, consulting for new antique shops, and selling throughout the state. Now ready to branch out on her own, Sundog is Julie's first store.


Julie Czech
Founder, Buyer & Seller

Julie lives in central Colorado with her youngest son, Parker, and her husband, Scott. Julie started selling antiques to pay for physical therapy for Parker, who was born with cerebral palsy. Julie has always collected antiques for herself and her family, but now she enjoys sharing the joy of her treasures with others. 

Toby Cain
Co-Founder, Web Designer

Hello! I live in rural Iowa where I just finished three years of work at the agricultural non-profit Seed Savers Exchange. I am working full-time with Sundog this fall!